Wicked Spoon



Wicked Spoon Frozen Yogurt is a product placement contract food service concept with no franchise or royalty fees. Wicked Spoon specializes in helping c-stores, corporate cafés, universities, healthcare facilities, movie theatres / entertainment facilities offer an exciting frozen yogurt concept that will make customers wickedly happy and increase revenues at the same time.  We offer a wide array of flavors (40 +) in non-fat, low fat, no sugar-added, and non-dairy options. All but 5 flavors are Gluten Free, All flavors are Certified Kosher and filled with yogurt’s beneficial live and active cultures.


  • NACUFS - The National Association of College & University Food Services
  • NACS - The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing
  • NAC - National Association of Concessionaires
  • SHFM - Society for Hospitality & Foodservice Management
  • AHF - Association of Healthcare Foodservice
  • Dannon Frozen Yogurt
  • Cool Serv USA - Foodservice Soft Serve Rental Program
  • Taylor - Taylor Equipment 
  • Electro Freeze - Electro Freeze Equipment
  • Stoelting - Stoelting Equipment

Alex Rozhitsky. Entrepreneur. Marketer. Lifetime cook. Food adventurer.

In 2008 I added lover of frozen yogurt to this list of descriptors when my wife and I discovered the first Pink Berry in New York City.  The finding became a habit within weeks. As a home cook and culinary aficionado, I knew there was more that I could do with the frozen yogurt.  Our home kitchen became my laboratory.  I began experimenting with sweet and savory toppings.  From the wild to the mild, from the crazy to the creative, I tested and tasted…..and tasted and tested!  My epiphany came the day I reduced some balsamic vinegar and caramelized pecans.     

The city was seemingly being taken over by a love of frozen yogurt.  As more and more shops were popping up in Manhattan, there were all more of the same.  I knew there was an opportunity to bring my home kitchen laboratory to the public and take the frozen yogurt craze to the next level, a level that would appeal to the foodie in all of us. In 2009 we made the decision that I would quit my business development job and start working on my yogurt location.  

The word “wicked” is a Boston term and have worked for a Boston based company back in the day I heard the words Wicked frequently.  Wanting to create a seamless wicked experience for the customer I turned my attention to the spoon. Today, we offer a color changing spoon from yellow to green. It is temperature sensitive and changes color once it touches the frozen yogurt. With my background in interactive marketing, I want to empower our customers to create and share their own incredible flavor combinations and discoveries as I had been doing for years. We created just that opportunity at www.mywickedidea.com. In addition we had an iPhone game created called Wicked Spoon Yogurt Toss, swipe the screen and try to get a scoop of yogurt into a cup for points. Our new version is in the works and will be available by the end of 2015.

I started to notice the market condition changing and yogurt shops started popping up on every corner….too much competition/over saturation is on the horizon.  Thanks to my food service experience I knew that I could enter a niche market and build market share but I would have to limit my offering. Food Service operators operate thousand of locations within the corporate office space, healthcare, education and entertainment facilities so after a year long process Wicked Spoon has entered the food service sector. Thank you to our food service operators and customers for taking us on a wicked ride.